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Talking with our webmaster…Angela Jacobs

Please take a few minutes and tell us about what you do for Lost Dogs of Wisconsin… I am the group’s lead flyer maker, webmaster & sky drive manager. What do you like about volunteering with LDW? I, of course, … Continue reading

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Both sides of the lost dog issue

One of the biggest reasons people withdraw as fans of our Facebook page and even tell us they hate our page, is that Lost Dogs of Wisconsin deals with both sides of the lost dog issue, meaning we tell you … Continue reading

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Share your ideas

Legend has it that Frederick W. Smith received a “C” on a paper he prepared as part of his undergraduate studies at Yale University.  Smith described a business concept in the paper…a concept his professor thought was impractical at its … Continue reading

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Hold on Tight

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Flyer, flyer and flyer some more!

Your friends and family members are eager to help you find your lost dog, Bucky.  They are willing to do whatever it takes to bring Bucky home, including combing through every street and back alley in your neighborhood.  They are … Continue reading

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Assumptions usually lead us down the wrong path

Imagine this… You’re driving down the road on a rainy day when you see a dog just off the shoulder.  Drivers always go well above the speed limit on this road, just like you were doing before you stopped to … Continue reading

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Kava’s Story

Here’s a riddle every animal lover will love: What took 115 days and involved a German shepherd mix named, Kava, a Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteer named, Cindy, and the Green County Humane Society? A REUNION, that’s what! After being … Continue reading

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We have reached another milestone today!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lost Dogs of Wisconsin has reached a milestone! The group’s Facebook page has 8,000 fans! All of us here at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin want to thank each and every one of our fans! … Continue reading

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Autumn’s Story

Just before Christmas last year, a ginger-and-brown Dachshund was found on Madison’s west side. When the dog’s owners didn’t come forward, Randi picked the lost pet up from the home of the people who found her wandering along city streets. … Continue reading

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Talking with Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteer…Colleen Duero

Colleen is an pleasant woman who does media outreach for Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and acts as one of the group’s caseworkers.  Like all of Lost Dogs of Wisconsin’s volunteers, Colleen is committed to reuniting as many lost pets as … Continue reading

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