Autumn’s Story

Just before Christmas last year, a ginger-and-brown Dachshund was found on Madison’s west side. When the dog’s owners didn’t come forward, Randi picked the lost pet up from the home of the people who found her wandering along city streets. Randi was eager to foster the dog until the animal’s owners were found.
Even after “found dog” reports were filed with Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and the local Humane Society, and countless flyers were posted around town, no one claimed the fun-loving Dachshund. While Randi regretted that a family was missing its pet, she contacted the Humane Society and arranged to adopt the dog. Randi decided to name her new pet Dora, short for adorable.
About the same time Dora was found loose in Wisconsin’s capital, the parents of a family that includes young children alerted their community’s Humane Society about their missing dog, a female Dachshund named Autumn after the dark brown hues apparent in her coat. Failing to receive even a single call reporting a sighting of their pet, the family decided to adopt another pet this past Monday, seven weeks after Autumn went missing.
While every member of the family enjoyed meeting the different dogs the Humane Society has available for adoption, they all agreed that none of the animals in the shelter could replace Autumn. It was just too soon for them to get another dog.
As the family prepared to leave the shelter, the kids noticed a flyer on the Society’s bulletin board – a “found dog” flyer featuring Autumn! Immediately, the children’s mother dialed Randi’s number and arranged a meeting. Autumn was reunited with her family a mere thirty minutes later!
Everyone can appreciate a happy ending like this one! Not everyone can appreciate the thanks that Randi deserves for caring for Autumn, aka Dora, for seven weeks, though. Randi loved the Dachshund she took in enough to get her current on her shots and offer her a permanent home … and, above all, Randi loved the dog enough to return her to her rightful owners. Thank you, Randi!

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