Kava’s Story

Here’s a riddle every animal lover will love: What took 115 days and involved a German shepherd mix named, Kava, a Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteer named, Cindy, and the Green County Humane Society? A REUNION, that’s what!
After being missed by her family for 115 days, Kava is back with her family! Fortunately, she’s in great shape although her ecstatic owner is taking the shepherd mix to the vet this afternoon for a thorough exam as a precaution.
Kava was considered a “stray” when she was picked up in Lafayette County. When the Green County Humane Society put the lost pet up for adoption, Cindy, a vigilant and attentive Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteer, noticed Kava’s picture on the Society’s webpage. Within moments of Cindy sending Kava’s picture to them, the dog’s family members were headed to the Green County Humane Society where they were reunited with their beloved pet after 115 days of being apart.
Our thanks and appreciation go out to all those involved with Kava’s safe return to her home!

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