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Legend has it that Frederick W. Smith received a “C” on a paper he prepared as part of his undergraduate studies at Yale University.  Smith described a business concept in the paper…a concept his professor thought was impractical at its worst, laughable at its best, which is why Smith received a poor grade on his project.  Despite his professor’s skepticism, Smith maintained his faith in his concept…and used it as the basis for founding shipping giant, Federal Express, or FedEx.

The formation of Lost Dogs of Wisconsin was based on an idea, too…an idea that was shared by a few people.  And, similar to FedEx and other successful organizations, we are still looking for ideas – ideas about how we can improve what we do, ideas about how we can help more dogs be reunited with their families, ideas about how we can brighten the lives of pet owners.

Are you familiar with the saying, “No question is too stupid?”  Well, that’s how we here at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin feel about ideas.  We know that any idea, even a crazy one documented in a college research paper, for instance, can turn into something really big…something really meaningful…something that can help return a lost dog to his or her home.

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin exists because of an idea, an idea that you help us execute everyday by sharing information about lost and found dogs.  We’re hoping that you will continue to help us by sharing any idea you may have about how we can make even more of a difference in the lives of dogs and the people who love them.

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