Our Friday Reunited Story!

Duke, a pit bull belonging to Amy and Jeff, has been missing for five months now, as most of you know.  But, neither Amy nor Jeff has given up hope that they will be reunited with their beloved dog, which is why they didn’t hesitate to head directly to the location they’ve been searching for Duke when they received word that a dog resembling theirs was sighted in the well-traversed area.

Once at the familiar location close to a bridge, it didn’t take long for the couple to realize the obviously lost dog who remained within view was not Duke.  Not even their disappointment could stop Amy and Jeff from luring the “stray” pit bull into their car, however.  Once they arrived home with the pit bull they quickly named, Jazz, Amy and Jeff posted the dog’s picture on their Facebook pages as well as the one that belongs to Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.  They refreshed the picture they posted of the female pit bull on Craigslist regularly, too, so the photo would remain near the top of the site’s listings and could be found easily by anyone looking to claim Jazz…

And, that’s exactly what happened!  Thanks to Amy’s and Jeff’s vigilance, Jazz’s owners saw the ad they posted on Craigslist and contacted them!

As it turns out, Jazz’s “real” name is, Zoey, although her family members refer to her as, Dizzle.  She had been missing for about a year-and-a-half before her owners saw Dizzle’s picture on Craigslist.  Because so much time had passed since Dizzle disappeared while being watched by family friends, Dizzle’s owners believed their dog was dead or simply gone forever.

Amy recounts Dizzle’s reunion with her owners as follows:

“This was the best reunion ever!  It was great to see their faces when they saw the dog and to see how the dog reacted when we started getting close to their house.  Way to go, little girl!  You are home!”

All of us extend our sincere thanks to Amy and Jeff!  Without their efforts, Dizzle would not be with her family at this very moment.  And, we are all looking forward to the next great reunion…the one when Duke returns to Amy and Jeff.

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