Our Friday Reunited Story II

If you’ve ever questioned the effectiveness of distributing flyers when looking for a lost dog, you won’t after reading the following…

More than a week after a young couple found a female dog and agreed to let a gas station attendant take her to the Humane Society for them, the duo noticed a flyer.  The flyer provided details about a missing dog whose family desperately wanted her back.  The flyer also displayed a picture of the very same dog the couple had found earlier in the month.

Because the flyer also included contact information, the couple was able to get in touch with the person looking for Layla quickly.  After learning what happened, Layla’s legal owner immediately went to the attendant’s place of employment.  After listening to her story, the gas station’s manager agreed to call the attendant on behalf of Layla’s owner.  Soon after, Layla’s owner and her family arrived at the attendant’s home and were reunited with their beloved dog.

Layla is now home with her rightful owners because they distributed flyers.  They not only retained hope that they would be reunited with their dog while she was missing, they greatly increased the odds that Layla would be returned to them by taking action…by handing out and posting flyers.  Without their efforts, the couple who originally found Layla would never have known that the dog didn’t make it to the Humane Society…and Layla would still be missing.

It was a flyer that enabled two Good Samaritans to facilitate Layla’s reunion with her family, thus proving that flyers are undeniably effective tools people can and should use when searching for a lost pet.

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