Our Friday Reunited Story III

After going missing on May 10th, Paige, a Shar-Pei from Oconomowoc in Waukesha County, is back home with her loving family.  Getting Paige back home was no easy task for her owners because every time someone looked at the dog, she would run away as quickly as she could.

When they realized Paige was missing earlier this month, Paige’s owners began handing out flyers to all of the homeowners around their home and posting “lost dog” signs at nearby intersections.  As a result of their efforts, Paige’s owners began to receive regular phone calls from people who had seen Paige.  Unfortunately, though, the calls usually ended with a Good Samaritan explaining that Paige had run away from him or her when the individual made eye contact with the dog.

Although concerned about Paige’s well-being, her owners took comfort in the knowledge that she was alive.  And soon, they recognized a pattern.  Based on the locations where people claimed to have seen Paige, her owners realized that their dog was traveling within a well-defined area that had a distinct one-mile radius.  Of course, no one knew where Paige would be within that area at any given moment, but her owners knew where they had to focus their efforts to find their dog.

Still handing out flyers, Paige’s owners got a call on May 14th from someone who saw Paige on Silver Cedar Road.  Because everyone within Paige’s travel circle was familiar with the dog’s tendency to run away when someone looked directly at her, the residents on Silver Cedar Road were careful not to turn their heads in Paige’s direction.  Due to their diligence, Paige stayed on the now familiar street and never once ran out of sight.

When Paige’s “mother” arrived on Silver Cedar Road, she was thrilled to see her dog lying comfortably on a driveway.  Paige’s owner resisted the overwhelming temptation to run over to her dog calling her name.  Instead, Paige’s owner lowered herself to the ground and, in a calm voice, began speaking to her dog.

When Paige’s owner first started using words that had meaning to Paige, the dog acted as if she was going to run away again.  But when Paige’s owner mentioned the name of her other dog, a dog with whom Paige loves to play, Paige stopped in her tracks.  With rapt attention, Paige listened as her owner continued reciting the loving phrases and words that she’s uttered to Paige throughout her life.  Recognizing the words at last, Paige slowly began to inch closer to her owner.

After a few minutes, Paige could not resist her owner’s love any longer.  Paige went directly over to her owner, reveling in the woman’s embrace.  Grateful to have her dog back, Paige’s owner carried her weary dog to her car and began the drive to their home.

Paige is home after two weeks on her own because of the effort put forth by her owners and the caring individuals who paid attention to the flyers and signs the couple posted around their home.  Congratulations to everyone involved with Paige’s safe return and thanks to all of you!

Welcome home, Paige!

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