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Risk Factors for an Opportunistic Lost Dog

These are the indicating factors that will predispose a dog to being an opportunistic lost dog. 1) Demeanor: A friendly, butt-wiggly type of personality. Will your dog readily go up to strangers and is everybody’s new best friend? Is your … Continue reading

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Post Your Flyers Everywhere!

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Buyer Beware!

Thank you to our fans and our volunteers who have helped make Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Lost Dogs Illinois very successful in reuniting lost dogs with their owners. It has come to our attention that several “for profit” lost … Continue reading

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Catching a Shy Elusive Dog – Part 1 in a Series

Toby, the Australian Shepherd,  was a shy dog. Not only was he wary of strangers, but he had been lost from a strange location (a family member’s house) during the week of the 4th of July. The family was prepared … Continue reading

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Tips for Catching the Elusive Dog – Part 2 in a Series

Toby, a shy dog,  bolts from the sound of fireworks and panic ensues. EVERYBODY wants to help – a good thing.  Or is it? One of the first hurdles that the owner of a shy, lost dog must do is … Continue reading

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Rewards are a Bad Idea When Trying to Capture The Elusive Dog – Part 3 in a Series

Toby bolted from the sound of fireworks. But you have it all under control. You haven’t allowed your friends and family to “search” for Toby. There will be lots of ways they can help soon. Instead, you have stayed calm … Continue reading

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Where Could Your Shy Lost Dog Be? – Part 4 in a Series

Toby has now been missing for three days. The owners are still hopeful that he may return on his own and are very wise to keep the bed, food and familiar scented articles at the point he went missing from. … Continue reading

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“I Got A Sighting! Now What…?” Part 5 in a Series

Toby is a shy Australian Shepherd, spooked by the July 4th fireworks from a house other than his own. He bolted and has not been seen since. He has four of the five risk factors that will make him an … Continue reading

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Use a Feeding Station to Help Capture a Shy Lost Dog – Part 6 in a Series

Feeding stations are an important tool in the toolbox of shy lost dog recovery. It is a fancy name for a blob of smelly food on the ground, a bowl of water and a way to monitor the two. You … Continue reading

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