Missing Dog Response Seminar Well-Received

On Wednesday, November 14, Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin had the pleasure of conducting a seminar for a group of volunteer emergency responders in Palatine, Illinois.

The seminar was called “Missing Dog Response” and was tailored to teach a group of local emergency responders  to coordinate an effective lost dog recovery team  and improve chances for a successful reunion.

Here is an excerpt: “Volunteers are not needed to “search” the area. Volunteers should focus their efforts on generating sightings through flyering and effective placement of signs. Searching for a lost dog with large groups of people often leads to disastrous results because the lost dog will feel pressured and may panic, blindly running into the path of traffic.”

Subjects covered included: generating sightings, lost dog behavior,  determining where the lost dog is, feeding stations, trail cameras and trapping.

If you are interested in hosting a similar event for your rescue group or shelter, please contact us. We are happy to help! Email us at lostdogswi@gmail.com.

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