Lost Dogs of Wisconsin: More Than a Posting Service


You probably know that Lost Dogs of Wisconsin (LDOW) provides free postings of lost and found dogs in Wisconsin (reuniting over 3,000 dogs in our three years of existence) but did you know we do more than that?  Take a look below and read about the other services we proudly provide to the Wisconsin dog community:

  • Lost dog owners and finders of dogs are provided with a free flyer in two different formats, via email that they can print and distribute. Owners and finds also receive an informational email and are directed to our website for tools and resources in lost dog recovery.
  • Volunteer caseworkers assist the owners through the often difficult and emotional process of finding their dog.
  • Our http://www.lostdogsofwisconsin  website is packed with educational and resource materials on prevention and recovery tips for lost dogs. Spanish lost dog flyer templates, helpful tips for shelters and rescues,  and humane trapping instructions are just some of the great resources available on our website.
  • Tips, articles and other useful resources to assist in finding a lost dog or a lost dog’s owner are posted daily on our Facebook page.
  • Community Outreach Events are an important way for LDOW to spread the word about our services. We also provide educational handouts and provide free microchip scans for dogs at these events.  Also, courtesy of Lost Dogs Illinois and thanks to an ASPCA grant, LDOW is now able to make engraved id tags on the spot at some events and provide them at low cost to pet owners.
  • Pinterest and Twitter are two important social media platforms that LDOW also uses to spread the word about missing dogs.
  • Education for Animal Welfare Professionals.  LDOW believes in working not only with the public but with animal welfare professionals by presenting best practices for starting a lost dog recovery team and increasing return to owner rates for shelter/rescue/animal control staff.
  • Lost Dogs of America (www.lostdogsofamerica.org).  Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Lost Dogs Illinois are the proud founders of Lost Dogs of America, a national group that helps similar organizations get started in other states.

So, there is a lot more going on at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin than just the lost and found postings on our Facebook page!  We thank you for your support of all our work.

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