Partnership with Helping Lost Pets (HeLP)

969673_529650997093809_387608333_nWe are very pleased to announce that Lost Dogs of Wisconsin is now partnering with Helping Lost Pets (HeLP) for our found dogs.  HeLP is a totally free, map-based national lost/found registry.

How will this help more found dogs get reunited with their owners?

  1. The map-based system makes it easy for people to search for lost and found pets in their area.
  2. Listings can be searched by date, name, breed, age, gender, or size.
  3. HeLP technology makes it easy for finders to produce flyers and to share their post via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linked In and more.
  4. Email and text alerts are sent to HeLP members to notify them when a pet is listed.
  5. Allows anyone to search and match lost and found pets 24/7.

How will this differ from what we are currently doing?

  • Our found dog form looks different and will automatically create a found dog listing on the HeLP map.
  • Our flyers will look slightly different, but our volunteers will still post them to our LDOW Facebook page in a timely manner. You can still share our flyers with your Facebook friends like you have always dones. But you will now have the ability to search by area by using the HeLP map.

We would like to encourage our fans and Wisconsin shelters and stray holding facilities to check out the HeLP website and become familiar with it.  It truly has the capability of being the ONE national lost and found database that is so badly needed in this country.

Here are the links:

The HeLP map:

If you have found a dog fill out this report:

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