Duncan’s Story

10801565_517049821765113_8872458241677192031_nDo you remember Duncan’s story? He was the missing beagle from the Fox Valley, whose teenage owner, Bernardo rode his bike in terrible weather to check out leads and deliver flyers. Duncan was finally brought in to Fox Valley Humane Association after being hit by a car. Although Bernardo could not afford to reclaim him and get his leg fixed , through YOUR kindness and donations, enough money was raised to pay the reclaim fees and amputate Duncan’s leg at a local vet clinic. Here is a link to the whole story fromDogTime: http://dogtime.com/wisconsin-teen-goes-above-and-beyond-to-save-his-lost-injured-dog.html

We would like to share this heartwarming update and picture from Bernardo:
“A year and a half ago, my best friend was found near death after a month missing, a month of countless search.
His leg could not be saved, yet he stood from the ground and he strived over and over,
And successfully walked again.
He is truly a friend to me.
He’s there when no one else is,
No matter the day or night,
He is always there.
This is him,
The three legged furball always happy to see the world.
This is him,
The heart and soul of this family.”

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