Princessa’s Story Helps Another Lost Dog



At Lost Dogs of Wisconsin our motto is Never Give Up. Our mission has always included educating the public on successful methods of finding shy, lost dogs.  We have found that many owners give up far too soon, so we always try to post ideas and happy reunion stories of long missing dogs.  We feel that it is important to share what we have learned with others so that more dogs can be safely reunited with their owners.

We recently received the following email from a dog rescue group in London, Ontario.

“We wanted to share with you that your story about Princessa helped us greatly in saving a lost dog. 
We are volunteers with Animalert, a Dog rescue group in London, Ontario Canada.  Recently one of our dogs escaped her foster home.  We were terribly worried.  It was cold, we have Coyotes in the city along the extensive bike path wild area around the river that cuts through our city.
We were worried about how our Miss Ruby Bettina would be doing in the bitter cold weather.  One of our members googled that question and found Princessa’s story.  That story and the information within it gave us hope, comfort and guidance in recovering Ruby.
We realized that Ruby was going to a house with a perfectly fenced back yard, and a gate across the driveway.  For usthis was the equivalent of your tennis court.  So we started feeding Ruby further and further in the gate.  We waited patiently for an opportunity to close the gate, and were careful not to scare her away into the wilds again, with all the dangers there.
So we want to say thank you very much and to tell you how much your story helped us.  We are writing our own story, hoping it may help someone else recover a lost dog.  Your point is good, people may give up too soon.
I will send you our story, in case it is of interest to you.”

Again, Thank you, Teresa Corrigan
Animalert London Ontario

Welcome home, Ruby!  We are very glad that Princessa’s story helped!


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