Lucy’s Big Adventure (as told by Lucy herself)

Lucy reunited

Lucy ( Lost January 9, 2015 – Reunited July 29, 2015)

One very cold and snowy day in January 2015, I had to go outside to go potty.
Dad let me outside.  I stayed in his sight, running in the yard.  Dad went back inside the house to get my brother Jojoe (he had to go potty too.) When Dad and Jojoe came back outside I (Lucy) had disappeared. Dad and Mom thought I might have gone out to the pasture, because that is where I always went poop.  Mom and Dad called and called for me, but I did not hear them. (Sometimes I turn my ears off) I know Mom and Dad were really worried about me.  Dad searched and searched for me.  Even though we were having a bad snow storm, Dad kept searching.  Mom and Dad drove all over the neighborhood.  Mom filed a Lost Dogs of Wisconsin report.  She called the sheriff’s department and everyone else she could think of.

In the mean time I was all alone and lost.  Oh, I forgot to tell you my BIG sister who is Great Pyrenees, was with me, we tried to stay together but I think I lost her.  We were spotted a few months after we went missing.  A very nice lady who lives by the Cobbin Bridge saw us and let my Mom know.  Mom and Dad drove all over by the Cobbin Bridge for many days and nights looking for us.  They even dropped off posters about us.

I don’t remember too much after that (I don’t want Mom and Dad knowing how bad I felt and the struggles I had to go through to try and find my way home.) Any way somehow I managed to get to Amherst, WI which is over 2 hours away from home.  I found a friend; Mom thinks it was a boyfriend (because I like boys)  Anyway we were naughty running around in town.  The doggie police man didn’t like that.  He said little doggies can’t play on the busy streets.  So he took us to Plover, WI to the doggie jail called Portage County Humane Association.

The people there were so nice, they spoiled me, and I loved it!, They put my picture on their Facebook page.  A really nice lady (I have not met her yet, but sure hope I get to so I can give her kisses and Thank her) Mom says her name is Nicole Weyer and she is from Lost Dogs of Wisconsin. Anyway, Nicole got a hold of my Mom.  Mom said she was at work so she got a hold of Dad.  Dad called the Portage County Human Association right away.  The next morning Mom and Dad drove over to Plover as soon as Mom got home from work.

I heard my Mom and Dad, I was crying I was so happy!!  One of the workers brought me out to my Mom and Dad.  I was squealing and barking and dancing.  Mom and Dad started crying and I think the girls that took care of me were crying too.
So now you know my story.  I am back home with my Mom and Dad, and doggie parents.  Please help us bring home my big sister Nellie…………….. OH Mom and Dad say Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way……………..   Love Lucy

Lucy sleeping

Here I am sleeping after my big adventure!


Here is my sister, Nellie’s flyer. Please share it so that she can come home too.

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