Randall’s Story


Randall, lost from Monroe, Green County, Wisconsin August 28, 2015. Reunited August 31, 2015

This is Randall’s story – as told by Randall’s owners.

Randall ran away from my brother’s home when my brother was petsitting. We were on our way to a wedding, and Randall just ran off. That night, Randall ran several miles through corn fields, farmland, forests and in the rain. We looked for him that night and the next morning, but could not find a trace of him. We did leave out his bed in the garage, with the garage door open, and clothes from each of us on the bed.

On Sunday, Jenny and I were headed back down to pass out more fliers, when we got a text from my sister in law. Randall had been spotted in their driveway (the driveway is long, about 200 yards – it is very rural). He ran off into the woods again, but we knew he was close. Several neighbors reported having seen him throughout the day, but he ran as soon as anyone noticed him. We put brats and bacon on the grill – cooking one at a time, for several hours. Finally, the sun went down, but my wife and I were not giving up. We set up an air mattress in the yard/field next to my brothers house, and scattered our dirty laundry all about the property. We laid down when the sun was gone – around 9:00 p.m..

At 12:10 a.m., my wife heard something sniffing near us. A minute or two later, the sniffing thing came close to where we were laying and started sniffing us. My wife whispered “hey boy” and he jumped back. She followed up with “Randall, it’s Mommy” and the dog literally started crying. He jumped on us and cried like a 2-week old puppy. He cried so hard we though he was hurt. He rolled all over us – I have never seen a dog sob, but I swear he was. We immediately took him to our car, threw everything in and drove the 45 minutes straight home. The dog needed a bath!! He had rolled in at least two kinds of animal feces and stunk like you would not believe. But, we got our boy back!

Jenny was so grateful. On the drive back we left messages for all the agencies that helped us (informing them that Randall had been found), and for helpingpets as well – my wife also insisted (I completely agreed) that we make a donation to help with the next lost pet.

Yesterday Randall literally slept all day, waking up only to eat – and then only when he was called. But he is doing better – he is basically uninjured, just rough. He has some infections from his adventure, and the vet is making time for him today, so that should get cleared up soon.

Thank you so much for the amazing help, tips, follow up.

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