Boiko’s Story

BoikoReunited ~ after 14 months on his own!

Reunited ~ after 14 months on his own!

Boiko the Chocolate Labrador Retriever from #Porterfield in Marinette County. Boiko went missing on July 23, 2014 (over a year ago). Owner (Jeremy) was devastated. He searched for months to find him. He told us he was obsessed in finding his dog and was tracking him, with sightings that were generated by flyers and phone calls. At one point, he sighted him with his own eyes, he was with-in 50 feet of Boiko, but he bolted, when owner called out to him (as many scared, lost dogs will do).

After that day in 2014, little did he know, the next sighting would take place over a year later – at a shelter in Michigan. Almost Home Animal Shelter located in Dickinson County, Michigan posted a found dog on their Facebook page, in search of owner. The dog was extremely thin and malnourished – which many assumed was due to neglect or abuse. But often times (more often than not) dogs found in this condition are actually lost loving pets that someone is searching for. Which indeed, was the case for this found dog as well. One of our volunteers (at LDOW) saw the photo of the found dog and began to search our lost dog albums, for any Chocolate Labs that were missing from Wisconsin, near the Michigan border. One lost flyer stood out from 2014. It was Boiko; he went missing in Marinette County, which borders Michigan.

The volunteer sent the flyer to the animal shelter, as a possible match to their found dog. The following day is when we got the wonderful message from the shelter – thanking the volunteer for sending the flyer, and letting us know that the dog they had was definitely Boiko, missing since July 2014. Owner told us (later) when he first got the call, from the shelter, he didn’t really think it was possible to be his dog, until certain markings and details were described and matched Boiko’s. Then owner received several pictures of the found dog – which is when he knew, with-out a doubt, his Boiko was coming HOME! Before receiving that call, he and his family had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing Boiko again!

They are still in disbelief that he is actually home safe and sound, after missing for over a year! Jeremy (owner) didn’t waste any time, he drove to the shelter that evening and was finally reunited with his canine buddy **see reunion pic below** We at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, along with Boiko’s family, would like to thank Almost Home Animal Shelter for posting their found dog pictures, which help to make these happy reunions possible!!! Congrats and Welcome Home Boiko!! (Lost 7-23-14, Reunited 9-23-15)

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