Trubble, Missing For Three Months, is Safely Captured!

Trubble ReunitedAfter nearly THREE MONTHS on her own, fending for herself, Trubble is home!
Trubble went missing on July 27th, 2015 from the owner’s friends house while being dog sat. She was seen for a week-ish at Fernau’s Greenhouse grounds (lots of fields next to it, etc) not too far from the owner’s friends house where she went missing. After that she wasn’t being seen anymore.. so the owner and the LDoW Caseworker, Libby Koerner, were kind of at a loss with what to do from there.

Libby, the LDoW Caseworker, got a message from a friend of hers, Grace on October 4th, 2015 about a stray dog wandering around their apartment complex (Jackson Farm Apartments) for a few weeks – which is about 3-4 miles away from where she went missing. After seeing a photo of Trubble, Grace thought there was a good chance it was her. Libby went out to canvass the area, and figure out a spot to set the trail camera for a feeding station.

On October 7th, Libby went up on the hill to set things up (feeding station).. and accidentally spooked her but got to look at her face and VERIFIED that it was Trubble. Then Libby and the owner started with that.. coming out around the same time every day, once a day, and checking the cam/food.

There were days the owner would go out, but wasn’t successful in anything because Trubble never got CLOSE enough to her to be able to recognize that it was her owner. Libby got a message in the beginning of this week (10/12) from Grace that Trubble had been following Jordan (Grace’s boyfriend) when he walks Jax (their dog). And seemed to have an interest in Jax. Every day, Trubble got closer and closer to them while they were walking. And the other day, Jordan decided to let Jax and Trubble sniff noses and the two started to play. Trubble also started following them closer the the apartment door after the walks every day too. Libby got a call Wednesday (10/14) that Jax and Trubble were playing on the hill, and Jordan was with them and Trubble wasn’t bolting, so Libby went out there and took Jax up there to see if she could get her. Again she didn’t bolt at all, but she would move JUST out of reach when Libby would try to leash or loop leash her. Jordan tried going up on the hill again, with Jax, and Libby this time. The two dogs were tired.. so Libby just tossed ham towards Trubble and got her to come her way.. and eventually ate out of Libby’s hand. And then when Trubble was done – she just walked away and laid down – still in view though. Jordan and Libby figured They should leave it on a good note.

The next day, 10/15, Libby just went to fill the food bowl, and Trubble came out from the other side of the hill and so she tossed her a plain hamburger from McDonald’s and left.
The next day – October 16th – another person who lives in the apartment complex that Libby (LDoW Caseworker) knows, Christine, texted Libby saying Trubble was outside Jordan’s apartment whining. Jordan sat with Jax in his apartment, with his front door open and Trubble would only come within a couple feet from the door. Trubble’s owner was already going to come that day to try to use Jax to get Trubble close to her so she could recognize her FINALLY.

Libby got a call from Christine (Jordan’s neighbor) who said that Jordan was able to get a looped leash around Trubble’s head and had her leashed. Trubble went to sniff/play with Jax, and Jordan was able to loop the leash over her head in perfect timing. So Libby RUSHED over there and sure enough there she was. The owner was already on her way, so Libby called her and let her know she was coming to take her dog home rather than try to capture her!

This reunion was TRULY a team effort – thank you to Grace and Jordan for not only using your efforts, but feeling comfortable enough to use your dog as a ‘magnet’ to gain Trubble’s trust. Thank you to Christine for keeping Libby, the LDoW Caseworker, up to date on information and offering food. Thank you to the ENTIRE Jackson Farm Apartments community for leaving Trubble alone as instructed. And last but not least, thank you to Libby, the LDoW Caseworker, for being there every step of the way to help and guide not only the owner but the public as well – and also for keeping up with feeding Trubble on the days the owner wasn’t able to make it out. Without everyone’s efforts, Trubble would not be home today. The owner would like to thank EVERYONE so very much for being a part in getting Trubble home. Trubble was, after THREE MONTHS, finally able to sleep in a nice, warm bed last night. NEVER GIVE UP! (Lost 07-27-15, Reunited 10-16-15)

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