Dogs Deemed “Unadoptable” Are Saved When They Are Returned to Owner

Ozaukee dog

One of the best things about returning dogs (or cats) to their owners is that they don’t have to go through a possibly very flawed “behavior test” at a shelter before adoption. Many scared, confused lost pets may be deemed “unadoptable” yet they were succeeding in the home they had.

This dog’s picture was sent to us by a Good Samaritan who noticed him hanging around an uninhabited house in her neighborhood in Ozaukee County. She set out food and water and called the county shelter and the police. Neither were able to catch him and he growled at anyone who came close. We posted the picture on our Facebook page and in less than an hour a teenage boy saw it. His family was missing their dog “Shredder”.

Although we had not received an official lost report, the boy had posted his dog’s picture in our visitor posts the day before. Shredder had gone missing from Milwaukee county but ended up hanging out at this house in southern Ozaukee County. The family (Mom, Dad and son) hopped in the car and went and got him. The Good Samaritan sent us this message: “The owners are here now. He is in the car. Found!! Thank you so much!!! Dog went right to him. Thank you – a life was saved because of this page!”

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