Despite the Hype, Coyote Attacks on Lost Dogs are Rare


Despite the media hype, coyote attacks on lost dogs are pretty rare. But because of the hype, many owners give up looking for their dog because a neighbor, friend or family member tells them that “a coyote probably got your dog”. Coyote/dog altercations are almost always territorial and lost dogs are usually too scared and confused to be territorial. They will defer to coyotes. Also, predators rarely eat other predators so if a coyote has killed your dog you will find the body.

Read our website article Resurrection for Roo about a dog who had been reported killed by coyotes by a tracking dog service, when in fact, he was alive.  He was safely recovered.

Never Give Up! Unless you have physical evidence that your dog is dead, he is out there waiting for you to bring him safely home.
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