Whisky’s Story – A Volunteer Matchmaker Notices Whisky’s Photo on a Shelter Website a Month After He Went Missing



Whisky- A dog who went missing on December 31, 2017 finally went home today February 4, 2018 after being turned into an animal shelter. After almost 6 weeks of being missing one of our volunteers and Helping Lost Pets matchmaker, Sharyl W, saw a dog that looked like Whisky on the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) website. She immediately contacted Whisky’s caseworker, Linda M,  who got in contact with Whisky’s owners so they could check it out. Sure enough it was Whisky!

Below is the MADACC listing that Sharyl saw and a comparison she made to compare the MADACC photo with the helping lost pets photo.

Whisky’s story highlights the importance of entering your lost dog’s  information into a centralized national database (Helping Lost Pets is the largest and most comprehensive) so that volunteer matchmakers around the country can compare shelter listings with lost pet listings.  Welcome home, Whisky! 



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