Sully Makes the Long Journey Home

34556351_10155657804183364_2436561953775157248_nLast weekend Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteers created a chain transport to return Sully, a 5 year old American Bulldog back to his home in Sawyer County, Wisconsin. He had been found and taken by vacationers almost seven hours away to Illinois.

If you are travelling this summer and find a dog please do NOT take him away from the area where you found him. Even if you have good intentions you are seriously reducing the chance that the dog will ever be reunited with his owner. Financial or logistical problems may prevent a reunion even IF the owner can figure out where you took their dog. Instead, take the dog to the correct animal control facility for where he was found. That is the best chance for a happy reunion. Deliver flers in the area where you found the dog to increase the odds even more. Put yourself in the owner’s shoes. Would you want your lost dog transported hundreds of miles away?

Create your free flyers and social media links for the found dog with our partner Helping Lost Pets

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