Did Your Dog Go Missing From Fireworks?



We have taken in 45 lost and found dog reports in Wisconsin since yesterday morning, July 4th. Many of the lost dogs will be reunited quickly if everyone reminds people to not chase, call or whistle to the dog if they see him/her.

Dogs lost from stressful situations like fireworks will usually bolt, but usually don’t go very far unless they are being chased or pressured.  Many times they will hide and may remain in hiding for several hours or days.  Once they feel safe and things have quieted down, these dogs may try to return to the area where they went missing.

If your dog went missing last night- don’t panic.  Immediately put out your dog’s favorite blanket or bed, some smelly food and fresh water, and something that smells like the person the dog is most bonded to (like a dirty sock, t-shirt or pillowcase).  Then file a report with us from this link:  https://lostdogsofwisconsin.org/report/lost-dog-report/

Our volunteer flyer processors will make a flyer and share it to our Facebook page and email you printable versions. Check your email! Print out your flyers and distribute them door to door in your neighborhood and remind everyone to not call or chase your dog but instead to phone you immediately if they see him.

Do not get scammed by fee-based services! They will take your credit card number and begin to charge you if you do not “opt out”. We are an entirely FREE service run by volunteers around the state and we can help you spread the word about your missing pet more effectively than “boosting” a post.

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