Colt’s Story


One of the things that we have worked hard on at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin is to provide free, accessible information and tips on this website about how to find a scared, lost dog.  These articles are available 24/7 to anyone who might need them, no matter where in the world they may live.  Our website continues to help people, even when we are sleeping!

That is why we are thrilled to share Colt’s story with you, a dog who was lost not in Wisconsin, but in Ontario, Canada, whose owners spent time reading through the articles on our website and used that information to help bring Colt home.

Colt is a Rat Terrier who had only been in his newly adoptive home for a month.  Here is an excerpt from the first message we received from his owners, Tracy and Albert:

“I have been reading whatever I can of yours in between searching for our dog.  We have  had our dog for only a month. He got loose and we are on day four.  Of course we did things wrong. We called out to him and I think it drove him off.  My daughter caught sight of him on day two but nothing since.  We have distributed flyers far and wide and went door to door.  We live in Northern Ontario, Canada and have vast tracks of bush and forest. “

Just a day later we received the following message.  “I want to thank your site for the information.  My husband and I did everything you said.  We got Colt back tonight.  We had a tip and were able to be in the area quickly.  My husband saw him come out of the bush.  He left his truck and got down on the road.  He opened some sardines and drew Colt in.  Best Saturday night ever!! Thank you for your quick response.  From a grateful Canadian!”

Albert made this map of Colt’s adventure which shows how far of an area he travelled.  Keeping detailed notes and mapping sightings can really help, especially if the search for a missing dog goes on for more than a few days.  You may see a pattern start to emerge and it may give you the opportunity to get ahead of your dog instead of always being behind him.


Colt showed classic scared dog behavior during those several days he was missing.  One of our hardest tasks at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin is to convince owners that their own dog may not readily come to them.  Sitting down on the ground, not making eye contact, and throwing out tasty, smelly treats behind them can help lure a dog in.  Using sardines for Colt was a great idea!  It is easy to keep a tin of them handy if you get a sighting. Sometimes a humane trap is necessary, but often it isn’t. Once the dog creeps close enough to get a treat, he may recognize the smell of his owner and the lightbulb may go on in his head as it did for Colt.

Welcome home, Colt!  We are so happy that we were able to play a small part in your reunion!  35886965_10155790509537075_2309885861929418752_n


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