Zena’s Story

zena 1Zena went missing from Somers Township in Kenosha County on July 8, 2018.  She was successfully trapped on August 18, 2018.  Here is a writeup we received from Zena’s owner:

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin helped to get my dog Zena Back Home.   Here are the details of their help:

1. When my dog was lost, I needed to know what to DO. The information from the web site helped me know what to do to find Zena (and what not to do). More information and strategies were provided in articles (Action plan and who to contact to help you with your search). For information with a human touch, the organization assigned a case worker to me and my lost Zena. Thank you to those individuals who encouraged me to fill out a lost dog report and to those writers and programmers who laid out the information I needed.

2. Hosting the post of my lost dog on the web allowed those people who are Web and Facebook savvy a rapid method to spread my news. Thank you to the behind the scenes helpers those developers, administrators, and maintainers of the website.

3. Personal information and advice was provided by an experienced lost dog owner, my case worker. Katie was in touch almost immediately and throughout the process of recovering Zena. Thank you so much for your loving care of Zena and of me.

4. Great help with the generation of posters, through the Helping Lost Pets organization. I had started by making my own posters.  Posters work by multiplying the number of eyes looking for my Zena. Each phone call or message or email telling me Zena had been seen was a big help. I knew where to expand my postering to keep track of her movements. Maybe low tech, but postering and distributing those little fliers really works. Please note: neither organization printed nor distributed posters. My friends and I did the leg and back work, but having those templates reduced the time from missing to found. Thank you to both organizations for your collaboration and cooperation in providing the multiple templates of posters to freaked out pet owners.

5. My dog ran whenever anyone spoke to her or approached her. The equipment and expertise were essential parts of her humane capture. Once Zena settled, no longer travelling great distances in a day, two more wonderful volunteers from Lost Dogs of Wisconsin were of immeasurable help in providing a game camera, two different live animal traps, and the knowledge of how to set up the feeding station and equipment. While those days August 11 to August 18 of equipment and animal challenges were frustrating, I have nothing but praise for Cindy and Steve for providing the solutions and for bringing Zena home. Thank you for your long-distance commuting to help recover my Silver Shadow mutt, Zena Warrior Princess. You are fine human beings and I wish you continued success in bringing pets home.

6. All the volunteers from Lost Dogs of Wisconsin also helped in keeping my chin off the ground. It was easy to be discouraged, frustrated or confused in the process of looking for an animal who was basically hiding from humans. I thank Katie, Cindy and Steve for encouraging me to remain patient and positive

I pray I will not have to use the services of Lost Dogs of Wisconsin ever again. I will encourage any owners of lost pet by suggesting that they fill out the lost pet form and take the time to read the articles before they go rushing off to find their pets. The guidance and advice offered by the site and the Volunteers is invaluable. If the volunteers who helped me are any measure of others within the organization, these people have the best interest of you and your pet at heart.

PS My friends and I did a ton of work driving around putting up posters, talking to people. The home owner Connie where the drama of the baiting and finally capturing Zena will have my gratitude for a long, long time. I know now there was more I could have done as well. I am grateful to my volunteers, the people who spotted her and contacted me. I am thankful for the support of strangers on the web pages too. Thank you all.zena 2zena-3.jpg40060888_10156569707356241_3734905669430542336_n

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