Check Your Trail Camera Photos Carefully!

We received the following message today from Karen L, the woman who helped capture Ocatavia, a missing border collie who had been on the run for several months. If you are unfamiliar with Octavia’s Story listen to it on Let’s Talk Pets Radio by clicking here.

“I can’t believe it!! Tonight I was looking through an SD card that I used in a trail camera looking for Octavia. Missing in Wisconsin May 4th 2020 – Found August 2nd 2020. In 3 months we never had her on camera until 4 days before she was caught…….or so we thought.Turns out WAYYYY back June 22nd and 23rd we actually caught Octavia on camera in Concord, Jefferson County – HWY E near River Road!! This was actually the very first house in Concord that I put the camera at and I think it was actually the day I initially set the camera up!! I learned a lesson….REALLY look through all photos your camera takes!!”

Octavia was safely captured but this is a good reminder to really study those trail camera photos on a laptop or desktop computer where you can adjust the lighting. You might see a picture of your dog!

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