Psychics, Animal Communicators and Dousers

Recently we have had a woman from another state who claims to be “psychic” try to post under our flyers. She has been banned from our page because she was providing bad information.

We want to share with your our warning about Psychics, Animal Communicators and Dousers. They are almost always a scam. Or well-meaning people who think they have a connection with animals but know very little about lost dog behavior.

They may appear to be “psychic” but they are usually studying google maps and satellite photos to talk about landmarks, even though they live far away. Some may do the first reading for free, but then ask for a credit card number for subsequent “readings”. They advertise on Craigslist and they may contact you offering their services. The readings will be vague. “I see your dog with an older couple.” “I see your dog in a yellow house.”

Getting the word out through the use of flyers and signs brings lost dogs home. Psychics can send you in the wrong direction or worst of all tell you that your dog was injured or has “passed”. Don’t give up unless you find the remains of the missing dog. He is out there somewhere and perseverance, common sense and logic will bring him home.

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