Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa over the holidays?    Many of us will be going out of town for the holidays and rely on a dog sitter.

This is one of the common ways dogs go missing.They are confused,maybe looking for their owner and slip away from their caregiver, even though it might be someone that they know.They will be especially confused if away from home.  

Ask their caregiver to let them potty in a fenced-in area and have a secure collar on with i.d. tags, even if they don’t usually wear them.You may even want to attach an extra tag with the caregiver’s info. Make sure your pet’s microchip info is current.

Martingale collars or harnesses are recommended by many as they are harder to slip out of.   You don’t want your vacation or holiday visit ruined. Make sure your pet is safe and secure.They are counting on you.

Wendy Siedschlag. LDOW volunteer

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