Keep your Newly Adopted Dog or Foster Dog Safe!

Bringing home a new or foster dog? You are probably excited and don’t know what to expect. Try to imagine what the dog is feeling.

We are seeing a growing number of dogs in new homes go missing. Some the same day they arrive.  Get some sort of identification on the dog as soon as possible. It may not have a name yet but you can get your phone number onto a tag.   Do not let the dog out off leash until it settles in, even if in a fenced in area.   Double leash during transporting. A martingale collar or harness is safer than a collar that can slip off over their head.  Use caution going in and out of doors as they may see this as a way to escape their fear. Remind your children too.  

The general rule for a new dog is the Rule of 3’s.   Three days for a new dog to decompress, three weeks to get into a routine and three months to start to feel at home.

Wendy Siedschlag. LDOW volunteer

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