Penny, a Five Pound Dog is Home After Sixteen Days!

It’s time for our Monday Miracle! Penny from #BeaverDam#Dodge County is home after 16 days! After two weeks missing in the cold, rain and windy weather in Beaver Dam, Dodge County, Wisconsin, and not one sighting in those two weeks, tonight a 5 lb Chihuahua named Penny is HOME!!!

Friday, December 10th, 2021 Penny and one of her dog buddies was let out for a quick potty break on a farm in Beaver Dam. Five minutes later, her buddy returned but Penny was nowhere to be found. Her family searched for hours into the night but there was no trace of tiny Penny.

Penny’s owner contacted us at the Dodge County Humane Society. We also directed her to contact not only the local Police Dept, vet clinics but also Lost Dogs of Wisconsin. Penny’s owner did what LDOW recommend and passed out flyers, put out signs, posted on social media and put out items with Penny’s and the families scent on their porch. But with no sightings of 5 lb Penny who seemingly disappeared, the family started to think she was picked up by a hawk, owl or coyote or had succumbed to our cold, rainy, windy weather. Luckily during this same time, another lost Wisconsin dog , missing 18 months with also no sightings, was recently found. This story was shared with Penny’s owner. Also shared was advice from LDOW to not give up on looking for Penny until there was evidence she was no longer out there. And the fact that even small dogs can be very resourceful finding shelter, food and water.

Today, 16 days from when she went missing, and two miles away – Penny was found!! A neighbor happened to be checking on a property and vacant cabin owned by his parents. In the yard, he suddenly saw a little dog standing there who appeared out of nowhere. He took a picture, posted on Facebook and took little Penny in out of the cold. Luckily Penny’s owner was connected to his post, and tonight Penny is HOME!

Penny’s owner said she has lost weight and has an eye infection, but seems to be doing well! Penny will have a check up at the vet Monday. Tonight though Penny’s owner said she’s resting comfortably and very happy to be home!

Karen Lietz,

LDOW Volunteer

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