Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

When we talk to owners of missing dogs we often hear “I have looked EVERYPLACE”. It may seem like it, but the truth is no you haven’t.

Dogs, big and small, can go into survival mode and run from people including their owners. They can hide in the most unlikely spots. Dogs have been located in storm drains, under porches, window wells, between hay bales, attics, the roof of the house and even in the folds of a couch (yes, a very small dog.)

“Well, my dog would bark.” You may think so but a dog in survival mode acts much different than a dog would normally.

While it is not feasible to look EVERYPLACE the bottom line is don’t just give up because you haven’t found them yet. Start close to home and expand outward. Look in buildings that the doors are closed as they may have followed someone in and they didn’t notice. Look for clues such as pawprints. Your dog may be right under your nose!

Wendy S, LDOW Volunteer

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