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Pumpkins, Corn and Squash are Food Sources for Lost Dogs

Local wildlife and lost pets can enjoy snacking on squash, corn and pumpkins set out for fall decorations. They will make a viable food source for a lost dog at this time of year. Make sure you check yards, farm … Continue reading

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Thank You Signs Help the Next Missing Dog!

If you have successfully captured your long lost dog it is a great idea to let the community know that he or she has been caught. This Thank You sign helps in three ways: 1. It encourages people to help … Continue reading

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Allow Your Lost Dog to Have a Hiding Spot

Dogs lost from fireworks usually bolt and then hide. They may remain in hiding for several hours or several days. This is okay. Dogs are safe in their hiding spots. They are safe from being hit by cars or from … Continue reading

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Keep Your Pets Safe This Fourth of July!

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date May 2020

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date April 2020

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Tips for Newly Adopted Dogs or Foster Dogs Who Get Lost From Their New Home

More and more people are choosing to adopt their new best friend from a rescue or shelter. This is a wonderful thing! Many dogs, through no fault of their own, need a new home.  Unfortunately though, many people are unprepared … Continue reading

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date March 2020

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COVID-19 Update

All of our volunteers are working safely from home on their computers and phones. Our services will continue as normal during the COVID-19 outbreak. We look forward to being able to help you during this very stressful time. If you … Continue reading

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How Are We doing? Year to Date February 2020

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