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How Are We Doing? Year to Date July 2017


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Two Little Known Facts About Microchips

1. Animals should never be scanned for a microchip on a metal examination table or near other objects that may cause scanning interference like computers, metal objects and metal doorframes or while wearing a metal collar. This may cause a … Continue reading

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Bennie’s Story

(as told by Bennie’s owners) We live in the Shawnee Nat’l Forest in southern Illinois, about 15 miles from a college town where animals are sometimes abandoned at the end of semester. Bennie appeared at the end of spring semester, … Continue reading

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Did Your Dog Get Scared By Fireworks? Don’t Panic!

If your dog went missing from the fireworks last night – don’t panic. Immediately put out your dog’s favorite blanket, some food and water, and something that smells like you (a dirty sock or pillowcase). Then file a report with … Continue reading

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date May 2017

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date April 2017

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Raleigh’s Story

    As told by Esther Maina, Raleigh’s caseworker and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteer  No doubt it was an exhilarating feeling to be able to slip my hand inside his collar. I knew in that moment, he was going … Continue reading

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date March 2017

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What To Expect When You Get Your Lost Dog Home

Great news! You’ve successfully been reunited with your missing dog!  If your dog has been gone for more than a day or two you will want to get them in to see a vet as quickly as possible to make sure … Continue reading

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Lost Dog, Libby, is Home Because of a Newspaper Ad

One of the most overlooked ways to get the word out about your missing dog is placing an ad in your local newspaper or shopper. Libby, the Australian Cattle Dog from Kenosha, Wisconsin was found because her owners placed a … Continue reading

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