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Blogs and tips that will help you reunited a dog that you found with his owner.

Tips for Returning a Found Dog to the Rightful Owner

You found a loose dog, posted him with our software partner,  Helping Lost Pets and now you’ve received a phone call from a potential owner. Great job! What next? How do you make sure you are returning the dog to the right … Continue reading

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How To Trace Dead End Microchips and Tag Information on Found Pets

We would like to thank Marilyn Knapp Litt, the Director of Lost Dogs of Texas for the information in this article. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Marilyn formed a group of volunteers which successfully reunited animals that had been displaced … Continue reading

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Why Do “Strays” Go Unclaimed in Shelters?

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Create Your Own Flyers in Spanish

Distributing flyers in the neighborhood where a lost dog was last seen is the Number One way to find your missing dog. It is also the number one way to reunite a found dog with his or her owner. But, … Continue reading

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New Dog on the Block?

New Dog on the Block? Continue reading

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Taking a Lost Pet to the Right Place is Key to Reuniting Him with Owners

Do you know what to do when you find a lost dog or cat?  Well, the best chance the animal has to be reunited with his or her family is for you to take the lost pet to the animal … Continue reading

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Finder’s Keepers Does Not Apply to Found Dogs

The law in Wisconsin is very clear about two things.  First, if you find a dog, you do not have the right to keep him or her as your own simply because you found the dog.  Second, you must put … Continue reading

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