Other Helpful Lost Dog Sites

  • Helping Lost Pets.com  – This website is a free map-based listing service. Lost Dogs of Wisconsin partners with Helping Lost Pets and uses their flyers and social media links to share to our Facebook page.  You can upload your missing dog’s photo and details and search for dogs found in your area.  Every Wisconsin lost dog that is listed with Helping Lost Pets will be directed to us, so there is no need to list twice.
  • USPS Every Door Direct Mail – A direct mail service from the Post Office that can help you target your flyer distribution in a specific area for a very low cost (14.5 cents) per flyer.
  • NextDoor – This social media site targets specific neighborhoods and is a very good place to share your Helping Lost Pets flyer.  It does not replace listing your dog in our national database so make sure that you do that first.  NextDoor is not available in every community.  Also, you must be a member to share your flyer and not everyone in your neighborhood may be on the site or even be aware of it.
  • Pet FBI – This website is run by another non-profit organization (like Lost Dogs of Wisconsin) which originated in Ohio in 1998 and has expanded into a national database.  It is free to list on their website.  You can also search their listings for your missing dog.