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Check Nearby Farms for Your Missing Dog

Scared lost dogs will often gravitate to a farm where there is a reliable food source like outdoor cat food or spilled grain. Farms provide a multitude of hiding places. Lost dogs will hide in sheds, old barns or under … Continue reading

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Bee Bee’s Story

A “HAPPY” story and reminder for all – on why you should NEVER GIVE UP!!Reunited ~ after being lost for 7 MONTHS!! Bee Bee the Shih-Tzu Mix from Milwaukee in Milwaukee County.Bee Bee is finally home safe and sound, after she … Continue reading

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Flyer, flyer and flyer some more!

Your friends and family members are eager to help you find your lost dog, Bucky.  They are willing to do whatever it takes to bring Bucky home, including combing through every street and back alley in your neighborhood.  They are … Continue reading

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