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Check Nearby Farms for Your Missing Dog

Scared lost dogs will often gravitate to a farm where there is a reliable food source like outdoor cat food or spilled grain. Farms provide a multitude of hiding places. Lost dogs will hide in sheds, old barns or under … Continue reading

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Fireworks and Dogs Don’t Mix!

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Abner’s Story

On December 8th we received the fantastic news, that Abner, missing since October 5th was finally safely contained at a home in White Lake, Langlade County; about 65 miles from where he went missing.  You can read the newspaper accounts … Continue reading

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Tips for Catching the Elusive Dog – Part 2 in a Series

Toby, a shy dog,  bolts from the sound of fireworks and panic ensues. EVERYBODY wants to help – a good thing.  Or is it? One of the first hurdles that the owner of a shy, lost dog must do is … Continue reading

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Should I Stay? Or Should I Go?

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Assumptions Usually Lead Us Down the Wrong Path

Imagine this… You’re driving down the road on a rainy day when you see a dog just off the shoulder.  Drivers always go well above the speed limit on this road, just like you were doing before you stopped to … Continue reading

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How Do So Many Dogs Get Lost?

Someone visiting Lost Dogs of Wisconsin’s Facebook page recently posted the question, “Why do so many dogs get lost?”  This question made all of us pause to consider the answer.  Since we are  involved with lost dogs all of the … Continue reading

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