Volunteer Opportunities

Lost Dog of Wisconsin volunteers are the heart and backbone of our organization and provide a wide variety of tasks.   Volunteers can commit to working at one position or help out with more than one depending on their schedule and time commitment.  If you are interested in more information about volunteering, please complete our volunteer application.

Caseworkers – Assists the owner in finding their dog by using proper search techniques, advises owner on how to generate sightings, and develops a strategy to successfully catch the dog.

Craigslist Monitors: This team of volunteers watches the multiple Craigslist sites in Wisconsin for lost and found dog postings. They post our flyers to the site, offer our services to finders and owners of lost dogs, and watch for possible matches of missing dogs.

Facebook liason/Rescue Networker – Posts flyers of dogs that are still missing on rescue organizations’ Facebook pages to help generate sightings.

Facebook liason/Vet Clinic Networker – Posts flyers of dogs that are still missing on vet clinics’ Facebook page s to help generate sightings.

Facebook liason/ UW Campus Networker – Posts flyers of dogs that are still missing on UW Campus’ Facebook Page to help generate sightings.

Flyermakers – Receives the lost reports from owners and uses the information to create flyers to post online or to print. Requires some pc skills.

Hispanic Community Liaision – Enable LDoW to better assist Spanish speaking people. Post on Spanish Craigslist sites to tell them where to look for their dogs. Do any translating necessary of our tips, hints and literature. Must speak and write fluent Spanish.

 Historian – Tracks LDoW in the news, collects Facebook comments, etc. to help document the success of the group.

Pet Sitter and Pet Groomer Database – Maintains a current database of pet sitters around the state including phone numbers, email addresses, websites, contact names, etc.