10355005_10152892062081241_6541651066254538393_nToby, the Shetland Sheepdog, has been REUNITED!

Toby’s  owner entered all of Toby’s data using Helping Lost Pets web site. A photo was also included.

Within minutes, a volunteer from Lost Dogs of Wisconsin used the information and posted Toby’s information on  LDoW Facebook page. The same volunteer created flyers for Toby.  Three different flyers and “Five Things to do if You Have Lost Your Dog”, were emailed to Toby’s owner.

Another Lost Dogs of Wisconsin volunteer-caseworker contacted and advised the owner to place Toby’s blanket, some dry dog food, a few of the owners dirty clothing, and smelly food close to the last place that Toby had been seen. The volunteer also advised the owner to place Toby’s crate next to the items so that Toby would have a place to escape from Wisconsin oncoming winter

Toby’s owner did just that! She put out Toby’s dog crate with some dirty shirts inside, and a juicy hamburger patty that evening. When she went to check the crate in the morning, Toby was all curled up inside!

Toby was taken to the family’s vet for a check-up. Outside of losing a pound, Toby was fine. vet-checked and healthy.

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