Two Little Known Facts About Microchips

1. Animals should never be scanned for a microchip on a metal examination table or near other objects that may cause scanning interference like computers, metal objects and metal doorframes or while wearing a metal collar. This may cause a microchip to be missed. Yet many vet clinics and shelters routinely scan pets on an exam table. Please let them know that this isn’t a good practice!

2. Pets who are going to be microchipped should be kept quiet for several hours afterwards to allow the microchip to “set” in the muscle. This may prevent it from migrating to another location (another cause of a missed microchip). When doing microchip events, owners should be informed that they should make the microchip station their last stop before heading home. They shouldn’t allow their dog to partake in other activities like obstacle courses, lure coursing or anything that involves running or jumping after the microchip is implanted.

For more information on best scanning procedures check out the graphic below. 


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