How Are We Doing? Year to Date August 2016

August 2016 stats LDOW

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Check Nearby Farms for Your Missing Dog

farm dogScared lost dogs will often gravitate to a farm where there is a reliable food source like outdoor cat food or spilled grain. Farms provide a multitude of hiding places. Lost dogs will hide in sheds, old barns or under old farm machinery and creep out at dusk and dawn to eat. If the dog isn’t bothering livestock, farmers may let the dogs hang around indefinitely. But they may not proactively look for an owner because they assume that the dog was “dumped” off at their farm.

Therefore it is VERY important to flyer every farm in at least a 10 mile radius of where your dog went missing. Talk to the land owners and put a flyer in their hands. Ask them if they have seen your dog hanging around or passing through. Expand the radius to 20 miles or more if you don’t get a sighting. Never Give Up! Lost dogs are safely recovered weeks, months and even years after they have gone missing. Your dog is relying on YOU to bring him safely home.

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How Are We Doing? Year To Date July 2016

LDOW YTD July 2016

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Did Your Dog Get Scared By Fireworks? Don’t Panic!

If your dog went missing from the fireworks last night – don’t panic. Immediately put out your dog’s favorite blanket, some food and water, and something that smells like you (a dirty sock or pillowcase). Then file a report with us from this link: .

Our volunteer flyermakers will make a flyer for you to print and share. We will also post it on our Facebook page (60,000 fans) and send it out on our Twitter feed. Tell EVERYONE – to not call or chase or whistle to your dog. Let him relax and he may very likely come home on his own when it is quiet. Do NOT let people congregate in your yard or driveway. Your dog is frightened and will stay in hiding until everything calms down.


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How Are We Doing? Year to Date June 2016

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Fireworks and Reuniting Lost Dogs with Their Families


ASPCA Fireworks cover.pngIn preparation for July 4, experts from Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin will give you practical advice to offer support, resources, and tips to worried families searching for their lost dogs. Teaching people how to find their lost pets and avoid common mistakes can avoid heartbreak for many people and animals.

Click here for the webinar…..

LDOA partners with to get more pets home. If you would like to receive alerts for missing/found pets listed in your neighborhood, you can join for FREE:


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Making Large Neon Signs for Your Missing Dog is Cheap and Easy. Here’s How:

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Check out your local dollar store for inexpensive supplies to make brightly colored signs for your missing dog. Remember that not everyone has a computer, a smart phone or the internet. Big, neon-colored signs will grab their attention and alert them about your missing dog (or cat). Here is an article from our website that gives step by step instructions.

Here are step by step instructions to create effective signs:

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date May 2016

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Despite the Hype, Coyote Attacks on Lost Dogs are Rare


Despite the media hype, coyote attacks on lost dogs are pretty rare. But because of the hype, many owners give up looking for their dog because a neighbor, friend or family member tells them that “a coyote probably got your dog”. Coyote/dog altercations are almost always territorial and lost dogs are usually too scared and confused to be territorial. They will defer to coyotes. Also, predators rarely eat other predators so if a coyote has killed your dog you will find the body.

Read our website article Resurrection for Roo about a dog who had been reported killed by coyotes by a tracking dog service, when in fact, he was alive.  He was safely recovered.

Never Give Up! Unless you have physical evidence that your dog is dead, he is out there waiting for you to bring him safely home.
Check our website for more articles on how to find your missing dog:

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin partners with to get more pets home. If you would like to receive alerts for missing/found pets listed in your neighborhood, you can join for FREE:

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How Are We Doing? Year to Date April 2016

April 2016 LDOW

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